Tenants / Buyers


Site Selection

» Labor statistics.

» Supply chain dynamics.

» Infrastructure and utilities.

» Proximity to clients and suppliers.

» Real estate availability.

» Acquaintance withthe local business players all around Mexico.

» Economic development incentives lobbying.


Tenant / Buyer Representation

» Lease transactions.

» Lease Renewals

» Property acquisitions.

Property Disposition

» Subleases.

» Lease buyouts.

» Property sale.

» Sale & Leasebacks

» Opinions of value.

Construction Supervision

Through best planning practices and by implementing a proven method in our processes, we offer our clients construction project supervision at all stages, assuring the project is completed on time, with the highest quality and within your budget.

Economic Incentives Advisory

During our site selection process we advise our clients of incentives available with local, state and federal governmental agencies all around Mexico (especially those relating to real estate) and work with them to secure such incentives. Our experience helping our clients to negotiate incentive packages gives us the value added they expect from us as their partners in their site selection and business development process.